Wholesale Terms


Please contact Christina on 0409242226 or Paul on 0417230213. Or via email wholesale@made590.com.au. Please do not contact the Made590 retail store under any circumstances. The retail store is a separate entity to the wholesale site and the staff will not be able to help you.

Brands we represent:

Made590 is the exclusive distributor with Australia of the following brands:

OMM Design
Hidden Eloise
Ryan Berkley
Jane Jenni
Animal pens
Geese Measuring Cups
Fake Furry Animals

We also wholesale and manufacture a select range of Made590 clothing!

Minimum Order:

Made590’s minimim order is $250 + GST + Freight

We ask that you spend a minimum of $200 with all the giftware ranges and $400 on the Made590 clothing. Please contact us directly if you need anymore information on the minimums.

Minimum QTY:

You will see that all products have a minimum qty order value. For example a baby deer minimum is 2 pieces, therefore the smallest amount you can order in that product is 2 deers.


Made590 orders must be pre-paid; we are not able to offer accounts. We accept credit cards or bank payments. All orders placed at LIS will be proforma. You will be emailed the invoice and goods will be held for 5 days pending payment. Please note that we only hold limited stock so all orders will be held for a maximum of 5 days before being reallocated to another stockist. No orders will be processed until full payment is received.


Made590 represents a vast array of products and there will be cases where different product ranges will be stocked in stores close by. For example store “A” may stock Ryan Berkley and Hidden Eloise but store “B” will stock the fake animals and made590 clothing. Store “A” will not be able to stock any product ranges that store “B” is already stocking and vice versa. Approved Made590 stockists will be given prior approval for each brand made590 represents. Even though you will have access to all brands on the wholesale website, orders will only be processed that you have prior approval for. When you fill in the online application form you be asked what brands you would like to stock. Once approved you will receive an email stating which brands you can order- approval is based on what type of store you are, which other brands you represent and other existing stockists in the area. If you don’t place a re order within 5 months Made590 will consider the stockist time to be lapsed and exclusivity will be void.


Prices shown on our website are exclusive of GST. We reserve the right to alter these prices at any time unless prior invoiced. All good come with a RRP and goods must not be priced under this amount, unless it clearly states SALE.

Copyright and Images

This Website is owned by fivetwentysix pty ltd t/a Made590 (ABN: 80 996 997 659), and subject to copyright If you would like to use any of our images for promotional purposes please ask permission first- a simple email is fine. Use of the image/s are only allowed for the time of the promotion and can only be used if you are currently stocking that pictured product.

Sales Outlets/ Website and online sales

You are only authorised to sell through the retail store that you listed on your initial application to made590 at the address given. Secondary stores must receive prior approval. Website and online sales must have prior approval from Made590. Even if your retail store has an online sales attached you must receive separate approval for that outlet. Made590 does not allow its products to be sold at online auction sites or through markets without written permission.


Any problems must be reported in writing or by email within 5 days of receipt. Please do not return goods until you receive an RN number. Goods sent back without one will not be credited against your account. Should we ask you to return goods you must obtain a postage receipt and that will be credited against your account.


Many of Made590’s products are hand made and hand printed. There will be inconsistency due to this nature. This is accepted by the buyer when the order is placed and will not be a considered fault and therefore no credit will be issued.

Privacy Policy

Any personal information that you provide to us including your name, address, telephone number and email address will be treated confidentially and will not be released, sold or rented to any entities or individuals outside of Made590. Made590 does not collect or record any credit card details you may provide when purchasing products from the Made590.com website. Your credit card details are securely passed to and processed by our Australian Payment Processor, EWAY, which is linked to our banks merchant account. If you have any concerns or enquiries regarding the privacy of your data please contact us at privacy@made590.com.au or write to us at: Privacy 590 King St Newtown NSW 2042 Australia